The beauty of still waters
from € 445,00 5 Nights with halfboard
9/4/2022 - 9/30/2022

Relax by the gently rippling, crystal-clear waters and feel nothing other than the peace pervading you as you rediscover your inner balance.
Ratschings offers so many opportunities to slow down and recharge your batteries, one of which is a walk to the earth-energy site of the “Church” in the Gilfenklamm Gorge.
There’s no better place to take a deep, contemplative breath than the “silent moor” in Ratschings, while our “Water: Wellspring of power” hike offers you an idyllic insight into the adventurous world of the waters and woodlands in Ridnaun.
Arrival only possible on Sunday.

Included services:

  • 5 nights with breakfast/breakfast
  • Guided half-day tour to the earth-energy site of the “Church” in the Gilfenklamm Gorge
  • Guided hike “The Still Waters of Ratschings Moor”
  • Water, a wellspring of power – invigorating hike through the Burkhardklamm Gorge in Ridnaun
  • Souvenir gift

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